After School Programs

Hip Hop Healthy / Hip Hop Science:

Hip-hop Healthy is a fun and exciting way to help your body be fit while you learn to dance! During this class, you will work with a professionally trained dance instructor, learning some basic hip hop steps and elements of choreography.

Hip-Hop Science provides students with a forum in which they will learn some basic scientific principles of motion.  Students will discover how to apply Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and Law of Gravitation to the Hip Hop dance form. Through experimentation and exploration of these principles, students will understand how forces affect the body in motion.  By using their own bodies to demonstrate concrete examples of scientific law, the concepts will become more relevant to them.  

Working together with the teacher, both programs provide students with a chance to choreograph a dance piece to rehearse and perform. During the classes, students will also learn about the history of hip hop dance and famous hip hop dancers. So if you love to move, and want to learn how to “wave”, “pop”, and perform other hip hop moves as a way to help keep your body healthy, this program is for you!

Math Chef and Science Chef:

Smart Test has designed these clubs to inspire children and youths to explore and learn ways to use math and science while cooking healthy foods. During the Math Chef sessions, students will practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, geometry, along with several other aspects of mathematical thinking and function. Within the Science Chef program, students will discover how the science of chemistry relates to mixing and heating or cooling ingredients in order to make something new to eat. Also, the pupils will learn biology as they investigate fruits, seeds, grains, herbs, and other natural products that make for wholesome foods.

Comic Book Club:
During this program, students will learn to work through social/emotional aspects of growing up, such as self –esteem, bullying, and peer/adult relationships. Through the use of art and drama, pupils will analyze contemporary literature dealing with these issues, while exploring and enhancing their individual talents and literacy skills. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with cartoon drawing, set design, costume creation, and acting in a fun and relaxed setting.
China Bridge:
China Bridge Chinese I is an extracurricular program designed for students who have had little or no previous experience with Mandarin Chinese. Students are introduced to basic vocabulary, functional phrases, and character writing, while exploring Chinese culture.