Summer Booklet

Summer Pathway to Success is a series of K-4 summer review booklets designed and written by teachers. Each grade-level booklet offers a great way for parents to provide summer daily review for reading, language, and math, in order to refresh students’ minds, fill learning gaps, and help prepare for their upcoming grade.
• It has a clear, concise format, with one page for language arts, and one page for math per day for 8 weeks of the summer months
• The activities are aligned to Common Core State Standards
• It usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete the activities per day
• You can choose the booklet at your child’s current grade to review what he/she has learned and expand on existing knowledge
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Sample K; Sample 1st; Sample 2nd; Sample 3rd; Sample 4th
Sample K
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Sample 1st
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Sample 2nd
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Sample 3rd
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Sample 4th
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Sample kindergarten pages Sample 4th grade pages
For Schools:
Summer Pathway to Success can provide schools with a way to raise funds.
Smart Test has made the fundraising aspect simple by:
• providing the booklets to individual schools for $10.00 each
• allowing schools to set their own selling price. For example, if the school sells
the booklets for $12.00, they will earn $2.00 for each book sold
• having parents make checks to individual schools • delivering booklets within 2
weeks of ordering
School Order Form
School Order Form
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