(Parents and Children Together)

PACT is a unique and enriching program which offers parents and children an opportunity to learn together in a relaxed, entertaining, and supportive setting. Each program extends over six weeks and reinforces the benefits of parent involvement in student achievement.
PACT uses a two-pronged approach that will:
1) Allow for family involvement by offering literacy and math programs that will familiarize parents with the curriculum in a low-stress environment. This enables parents to feel more welcome in the school and comfortable with the concepts taught each day. Consequently, a positive attitude is nurtured in the student as he or she observes family members at ease with learning.
2) Implement steps to improve parents’ life-coping skills with programs that help families take responsibility for their financial future and make healthier life-style choices. In some instances, parents may serve as instructors, teaching from their own life experiences, thus allowing for participants to connect the relevance of the concepts and skills to their own life situations.
Family Readers:
Our Family Readers program allows for essential family members and K-1st grade children to engage in literacy based games, lessons, and creative activities. Throughout the sessions, phonemic awareness and knowledge are emphasized as the much-needed foundation for nurturing strong readers.
Family Math:
During Family Math sessions, students and their family members learn and practice basic math and problem-solving skills. Application of such knowledge is done in a low-stress, engaging atmosphere, using games and real life situations that require mathematical thinking.
Smart With Money:
Smart With Money is a financial parent-education program that provides practical lessons in areas such as monthly budgeting, simple banking concepts, and saving and paying for education beyond high school. Through discussions and hands-on tasks, real-life money questions and issues are examined so that participants acquire the necessary tools needed for sound money management and financial security.
Eat Right:
Within this program, parents are encouraged to improve their personal knowledge, understanding, and analytical skills in order to make healthier food choices for their families. After acquiring valuable information about nutrition, those participating will spend time learning how to make simple healthy food. By selecting a healthier lifestyle, parents set a good example for their children and thus provide them with a lifetime of healthy eating habits.