Vocabulary Book

Building a Vocabulary Powerhouse is a series of vocabulary expansion books designed for grades K – 5. The entire series consists of 6 books, which contain fun activities for 300 words.
Building a Vocabulary Powerhouse – fun activities for 300 sight words
This is the first of the series. As young children begin to learn to read, it is essential that they acquire knowledge of High Frequency Words or Sight Words since these words are those most common used in the English language. In addition, phonetic analysis cannot be applied to many of these words, and several Sight Words cannot be learned through pictures.
Building a Vocabulary Powerhouse – fun activities for 300 challenge words for Grade 1 – 5
Researches show that vocabulary development in young students, particularly with regard to challenge words, is a strong indicator for success in reading, writing, and life in general. With better comprehension of these more difficult words, students show growth in reading power and become better written and oral communicators.
The unique format of each book introduces 10 weekly words with five days of practice. Each day provides repetitive exposure to the given vocabulary through the use of fun word puzzles and activities. As students complete the daily work, they will become comfortable with more sophisticated words that they may encounter in their reading and everyday lives. Consequently, students may begin to use these challenging words as they speak and write.
Format: Each week begins with a list of 10 words and definitions.
Day 1: Word Search – helps children with word identification and spelling
Day 2: Cross Word – reinforces word meanings
Day 3: Word Scramble – reinforces spelling of words
Day 4: Sentence Fill-Ins – practices with word meanings in context
Day 5: Reviewing Activities – focuses on skills learned for each grade level
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